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 Donate Hungers 

Dear all,

I have not forgotten the worst situation of my life "STARVATION, MALNUTRITION, SCARCITY & IDENTITY CRISIS". I have felt the depth of hunger, thirst, and nakedness in life experiencing it personally and practically in life. I also remember "How it is like getting rescue from it." 

I and my twin brother "Bhim Gurung" have been supporting poor and needy families back in Nepal, Bhutan & India since we got resettled in United States of America (USA). We have been contributing financially and morally to these desperately needy people through reliable and authentic sources to help them. As we are in this humanitarian path, many other people are joining us by donating money for our mission to help poor and needy people in South East Asia. 

The world's greatest and best religion (DHARMA) is to feed the hungers, quench the thirst, and give clothes to nacked people in the world. We are in same mission since 2009.

We would like to encourage everyone to join us in this "Give Back to Community" for hungers, thirst and nacked people. Your each and every single penny will be used properly and accurately. 

Thank You

Karna Gurung & Bhim Gurung

Nebraska, USA.

Support to Hungers & Needy People
Please Leave your kind donation here

Thank you for helping our mission to support hungers and needy people. We appreciate your humanitarian heart and art of giving. Sharing love , care, and happiness with the art of giving is our primary goal to support them. Thank you for being part our our mission. 

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