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My beautiful family


Welcome to my site. My extended family is really an encouragement of my life. We believe in giving back to community and serve the community.


“We Believe in Humanity and Creating Values in Life.”


We live in America since 2009 and after. Family has been always my back support in every move of my life. We celebrate " Family Day" every year on January 1st Week to create value, love, care and support in family members. Family First.

Home is where the heart is!

Elkhorn, Nebraska, USA.


Quail Palace

Gurung Niwas

Elkhorn, Nebraska is a beautiful city with small population of 10,000 people. It's highly rated for Education, Health, and Quality living. Residence of Elkhorn is known as peaceful and literate society in state of Nebraska.


Karna & Rita Gurung

Jog Maya & Panchaman Gurung

Karma Gurung (Son)

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