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Hi, I'm Karna



What is the main purpose of living?

When this question comes to my mind I always say " The main purpose of living is to become happy in life". But what makes people happy? There is no single material thing that can make someone happy for longer period of time. I always say there is no way for happiness in life but "Happiness is the way of life". We all are trying to solve unlimited problems, challenges, and fulfill the needs in our daily life. While we are talking about these things, only one thing comes to mind is changing our mindset for positive outcomes. 

I always remember the poorest life I spent in Refugee Camps for 17 years in Nepal. I have experienced the starvation, malnutrition, scarcities, identity crisis and struggles for survival. Education was only the ray of light (hope) in refugee camp. After I got resettled in United States of America (USA) in February 5, 2009, I felt my life was rescued,  given a hope and opportunities to live like a real human being. Since then I haven't wasted my single minute doing unproductive works and thinking negative. I ALWAYS keep my positive mindset and with the sense of giving back to world community that I live in.

My Current Reality.

Social Influencer/ entrepreneur/ Writer/ Marshal Artist, Public Speaker, Mentor, Financial Adviser and New Millionaire.


Business Associations:

1. Global Trading Corporation (GTC)

2. iMart Wholesale LLC. (2)

3. iMart Retails (GB LLC)

4. iMart Logistics LLC.

5. United Homes LLC.

6. Realty Karma LLC.

7. United Family Home Health Care LLC.(2)

8. Kansas Community Home Health Care LLC.

9. Sagoon.Com

10. Nepalink Communication Pvt.Ltd

11. Rita Express LLC

12. Octologi LLC.

13. United Friends LLC.

14. United Investments (Trade Mark)

15. Mt. Everest (Trademark)

16. United Nebraska HC.

17. GOLO Space LLC.

18. Gurung Brothers LLC.


Social Associations:

1. Global Bhutanese Literary Organization (GBLO Current President).

2. Global Educational Program (GEP)

3. United Gurung Society Of American (UGSA X-General Secretary)

4. Refugee Congress (Board of Directors)

5. World Nepali Literature Federation (USA BOD)

6. City of Omaha-Human Rights & Relation Board.

7. Bhutan Gajal Munch (CM)

8. BCN Nebraska (Literary Secretary).

9. OBCA Press & Publicity Secretary (2012 to 2016)

10. Triratna International Foundation (BOD)



1. Challenge 4 Change, John Baker Award 2014 in New York City by CWS Global.

2. Social, Film and Leadership Award 2018 in North Carolina, USA by Love & Support Foundation.

3. The best Teamwork & Leadership Award 2015 in San Jose by World Financial Group.


Published Books 📚

1. “Karma” (Poetry and Quotes 2021)

2. “Buddhiko Birko (Wisdom’s Lid)

3. Group Publication (Svikarokti, Shabda Astra etc.


US Congress & Advocacy

1. 2013 Zero Cost Internal Migration Bill.

2. 2020 ImmigrationBill.


New Business Community (Join the club):





Every Second is Your Opportunity

The World is Beautiful 

You might be already in Heaven and making it Hail with wroing beliefs, practices, concepts, thoughts and actions. It's never a late to start a good things in life. There is no time to regreat when people live in present state of life and enjoy it. 

The Key to life is Balance.

The success and failure can be only measured in happiness/sadness of a person.

It's your own life. You have to manage it by yourself. There is no option.

Get Ready to Know Yourself.

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